• What IS Wagyu beef? Simply put, "Wagyu" simply means "Japanese Cattle". This breed is famous for it's velvety texture and pure beef taste that is produced by the intense marbling that occurs naturally in these cattle.
  • Isn't Wagyu the same as Kobe? The best way to define the difference is that all Kobe beef comes from Wagyu cattle, but all Wagyu cattle do not qualify to be certified as Kobe beef. (If you really want details, Kobe is the capital city of the Hyogo prefecture where Kobe beef is raised with stringent protocol.) 
  • Is all that extra fat unhealthy? Fortunately for Wagyu lovers, the answer is no! Wagyu beef has been shown to contain high levels of the good fatty acids (Omega 3) as well as monounsaturated fats. In that respect, it is similar to other heart healthy meat sources such as salmon.
    • How does Wagyu compare to "USDA Prime"? USDA Prime beef is graded a marbling score of 5, and Wagyu consistently grades above 7.